Project Details: Naming, LOGO Design, Lettering, Copywriting, Business Cards, Stationary, & ILLUSTRATION.



Lorijo Daniels is a Yogi, Fine Artist, Teacher, and a professional Photographer with over thirty years of experience. She works in Portland, Oregon, but has led artist and yoga retreats in Bali, India, taught yoga in studios and hospitals, freelanced as a professional photographer, and mentored young creatives.

At the start of this rebrand project Lorijo had recently setup a new studio with a fully equipped darkroom and plenty of workspace. With an ideal setup for teaching and hosting workshops, Lorijo needed help reimagining her personal branding, reaching her ideal clients, and creating a name and logo for the new studio.



For this rebrand we started from the ground up. Lorijo felt that her existing logo was outdated and she didn't have much in the way of a cohesive brand to start with. In fact, this was her first time working on her personal branding with a graphic designer. So, rather than building from an existing framework or logo, we completely reimagined her visual identity, which required gathering as much relevant information about Lorijo, her business, her current audience, her ideal clients, and her competition.


— Previous LOGO —

I start every branding project by asking a series of questions to better understand my client's business, target audience, goals, and the problems their facing. A key part of that process involes listing my client's top five values and adjectives they want associated with their branding. The primary values lorijo listed were creativity, education, expression, friendship, and community. The adjectives she wanted associated with her brand were feminitiy, handmade, friendly, artistic, and elegant.


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Designing a visual identity that effectively communicated and appealed to her audience required us working together to create brand personas. Through our findings we realized her target audience could be broken down into three primary categories.

The first category we identified in her target audience includes business owners, married couples, and creatives that are interested in professional photography services. The second category is made up of mostly middle to upper middle class women, and married couples ranging from 30 to 60 years old. We identified that group as being mostly interested in taking artist workshops at her studio. The last group is made up of primarily teenagers ages 12 to 18, that normally find lorijo's mentoring services through their parents, friends, or through school flyers.


The process of creating brand personas allowed us to learn more about her audience and the channels her audience finds her, which is mostly through word of mouth. A key insight that influenced the creative process is lorijo's target audience is split by age, skewed mostly towards women, and her audience can be segmented by their different interests. For example, the younger demographic are primarily students interested in learning about photography and art making processes. The adult portion of target audience is interested in either her photography services or signing up for a workshop, or both. In order to appeal and effectively reach her ideal clients, it was important that the branding reflected a sense of expertise and experience, while still feeling friendly and approachable to her younger audience.


The rebrand created immediate interest on her social media accounts and her website traffic doubled the first week of relaunching her personal brand. She was thrilled with the letterpress business cards and they were an immediate conversation starter. Even with covid-19 affecting her ability to host workshops and do mentoring in her studio, she was able to grow the instagram account following by showcasing diffrent art making processes in her studio and started selling currated and personalized art boxes online.